Improving Water Quality with

Microbiome Science

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About Us

Welcome to Veracet. Next-generation microbial source tracking technology from microbiome DNA

With science, we are turning inaction into action. We provide data-driven insights to address water quality issues. Together let's protect the health of all people, animals and plants - our planet.

Our Process


Implement a sample collection plan designed by environmental science experts


Measure and classify the entire bacterial community at a genetic level (microbiome)


Using Machine Learning, accurately predict the source of water contamination

Latest News & Updates

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Imagine H2O Asia Announces Inaugural Startup Cohort

8 water technology startups join Imagine H2O and partners in reimagining a water-secure future for Southeast Asia.

DOH says high bacteria counts at Kaua’i watershed not from human, animal waste

The study tracked fecal bacteria levels using the PhyloChip -- a microbial tracking tool.

Two sets of water quality tests point to human waste

Water quality tests commissioned by the San Geronimo Valley Planning Group have largely confirmed the county’s continued findings that human waste makes its way into San Geronimo and Woodacre Creeks.

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